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If you are looking for a Eugene concrete crack repair contractors then you just found us. We offer a free estimate for any concrete crack repair services.

Having problems with broken cement ground, parking or driveway? Are there cracks in your once spotless and immaculate concrete walls and floors?

The Danger of Concrete Cracks

  • Cracks are not only ugly to look at, but they also pose hazards to your welfare and your properties. 
  • They may cause serious accident especially to children.
  • Holding out on repair only worsens the situation and increases the risk of damage that it may cause to your family.

The newly acquired concrete repair business of Kempf Construction Clean-Up was purposely designed to solve your repair worries.

  • As a certified concrete repair specialist based in Eugene, Oregon, the company does not only clean and haul construction leftovers but also repairs concrete cracks and damages both for commercial and residential buildings.
  • The repair crew assesses and determines the scope of the crack following the CTi System which is touted as the top coating for unsightly and damaged concrete in America. The crew also uses standard repair materials and chemical admixtures in repairing damages to ensure an equally high quality
  • The concrete cracks are restored through applying overlays and coating. Kempf’s experienced crew uses standard repair materials and chemical mixtures in the restoration process to ensure that the end result is as good or even as better as the original concrete.
  • The high-quality coating that Kempf uses is easier to maintain, with grim and dirt easily cleaned by using the water hose.
  • What more, it is both heat and freeze or thaw resistant; thereby assuring the clients that it will stay intact and will last longer despite the changing weather year-round. It does not fade so easily and is also resistant to stains.

Be it a concrete garage floor, patio, basement, or commercial floor, Kempf Construction Clean-Up repair service arm assures a complete and full repair and restoration.

Kempf Construction Clean-Up has been operating as a trusted family business in the construction business in the Willamette Valley areas in Lane County, Oregon since 2005. Its pool of new and repeat clienteles has grown through the years and is still steadily increasing. This is a testament to its fulfilled promise of providing high-quality services for nearly a decade.

The company vows to carry the same drive and commitment for excellent service as it opens its doors to repairing and restoring damaged on the different concrete parts of the building or home.

What’s even better is that Kempf Construction Clean-Up offers these top of the line and unparalleled services at price rates that are easy on the budget for the customers. For clients who wish to gauge how much repairs can cost them, the company also provides a FREE estimate.

Kempf Construction Clean-Up stays true to its mantra to deliver what it promises to accomplish for its clients because the customer’s utmost satisfaction is always will be the company’s number 1 priority.

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