Siding Installation Services


A good siding installation contractor can help you in upgrading or repair your exterior siding can be an intimidating task. It is because of the all the choices you have to make on the different types of siding for homes. Education is key to making a best and calculated decision that will allow you to sleep well at night.

Knowing what the type of siding for your house style and budget a suitable siding option will help you make your decision easy!

Types of Siding Materials for Residential Homes

The most popular siding materials are; vinyl siding, hardy plank siding, cedar siding, metal siding, brick siding, wood siding, stone siding and cement siding. Kempf Construction siding specialist can help you decide which of the siding materials is best based on your preferences below.

Water Resistant

Depending on the material some types of siding will be more water resistant than others. This will expand the life of that material as well as prevent decay due to water or moisture.


Siding material comes with an R-value that measures the energy efficiency of the material. The higher the R-value the better the thermal insulation. For example, stucco siding has an R-Value of .4 while insulated vinyl has a 2.0-3.0 R-value.


The color, texture, and overall design of the siding are all about appearance. How your siding will look and what colors are available are probably one of the most important decisions that will affect your siding purchase. Brick or stone have limited color options and focus on texture while vinyl siding color options are limitless.


The structure of your home and exterior can play a role in what type of siding you wish to install. A complex 3-story Victorian home may not be best suited for stone veneer siding.


Eco-friendly siding is found in many current materials; fiber cement is made of sand, cement, clay, and wood-pulp fibers. Others such as wood are naturally biodegradable & green and come straight from nature. Green siding is also related to the energy efficiency of the home and how well it insulates the heat.


How long will your siding last before it has to be replaced, maintained, or painted? Some siding such as stucco, if done right can last a lifetime of the home and will only need to be repainted every 6-7 years. Resistance to mother nature, rot, and insects can all play a role in the how your siding will last.


Installing siding is not cheap and can run anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000+ very quickly depending on what you want. Determining a budget beforehand on what you can afford is prudent. Call us to get a rough estimate of how much you can predict to spend.


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